Need to buy
Nexgard Spectra?

Try itchoff for just 79c a day to your door - and see why thousands of Aussies love this handy delivery.

Free monthly delivery
to your door

In Australia, over 55,000 dogs a year go to clinics for parasites, just from owners forgetting each month. With itchoff, we remember for you.

Just 79c a day!

itchoff's 79c a day, billed monthly. That's less than a service station coffee to protect your dog!! The cost of forgetting is so much more.

Need to buy
Nexgard Spectra?

Try itchoff, it's sooo much easier.


Australia's easiest parasite protection!

Does a Vet run itchoff?

They sure do! itchoff is run by a Aussie petcare team that's guided by Dr Tegan, an Australian Veterinarian. Dr Tegan helped start itchoff because an emergency Veterinarian, she's seen far too many healthy Aussie dog suffer - simply because owners forgot their dog's protection. itchoff is one less job to do!

Does itchoff cover puppies too?

We sure do! itchoff is perfect for puppies over 8 weeks of age and 2kg, as you simply update your puppy's weight in your dashboard as they grow (the right weight treatments then arrive each month). This makes itchoff easier than pet stores and clinic - and we think you'll love the peace of mind!

Can I pause or cancel at any time?

Absolutely! You can pause or cancel anytime in about 30 seconds. Just log in to your account and that's it. You won't need to talk to anyone either - we get it - itchoff is a service our own team, friends & family use too!

Why Nexgard Spectra?

As a team of dog parents ourselves, we used Nexgard Spectra for our own dogs - as it's Australia's most comprehensive treatment in one single chew. But we do believe that you should always chat to your own Vet before using any new treatments. And after you do, the itchoff subscription makes parasite protection for your dog so much simpler, and also safer.

Need to buy
Nexgard Spectra?

Try itchoff, it's sooo much easier.

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itchoff is super helpful 😍 They deliver Nexgard Spectra directly to your door monthly ensuring your fur baby is fully covered, always!
@itchoffaustralia what a great service, makes our flea tick and worming so easy and affordable and mum doesn't have to worry as it comes to our door each month when its due 🐾
Look what arrived in the mail! 🐶 You can get your dog's protection delivered each month so your humans don't forget when it's time to give it to you! 🙌
Mum got @itchoffaustralia which means we get a monthly delivery of our Nexguard Spectra to make sure we take it on time! Sometimes the hoomans get busy and slips their minds, we let itchoff remember 😜
How wonderful @itchoffaustralia delivers my monthly Nexgard Spectra worm, flea and tick treatment. If your parents suck at remembering when it's treatment time, this is perfect 🐾
Guyssss I’m happy to report I am part of the @itchoffaustralia family 😍 it is monthly flea and tick prevention that gets delivered to your door 👏🏻 so my outdoor adventures can continue ☀️
No one likes an itchy bum…and @itchoffaustralia makes it easy as! They post you out your meds monthly so the dopey human doesn’t forget!
I got my @itchoffaustralia package today just after I got back from a groom. Feeling fresh and protected 😁
We’re trying @itchoffaustralia and omg it’s so easy! Every month, we get my meds and so all mum has to do is give it to me - yes it’s really that simple! Show this awesome small Aussie business some love 💕
Once a month Boo gets her nexgard spectra delivered in the mail 💌 and I know it’s time for her treatment.So simple it’s genius!